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Scriptcase 7 Features

Social Buttons

A new option created on control applications menu called 'Authentication' will allow you to integrate your systems with these authentication methoods and create the code for the data retrieved from them.

Pay with PayPal

A new option on Control applications allowing you to integrate your systems with Paypal.

LDAP Security

A new security option using LDAP. Your developed applications integrated with your LAN administration.

Toolbar option on horizontal menus

There is a new option on the menu application settings that allow us to build buttons like a toolbar.

Dynamic Group By

A new way to generate several Group By in a Grid application and by allowing the end-user to choose and change the Group By he wants in real time.

Ajax in Grids

Grid applications have now the possibility of creating a onClick event over it's fields to process data through Ajax. This feature is accessible the same way it used to be on a form: there is now an 'Ajax events' folder on the application settings.

Multiple Upload Field

New option to create a Multiple Upload field with Progress Bar. Drag and Drop your favorite images to upload them instantly.

Mobile menu Support

The menu application will now recognize when a mobile device is requiring access. It will change to a mobile-friendly style sheet automatically.

Modal Form on Editable Grid

Now there is possible to choose editing the record of an 'Editable Grid View' in a modal form.

HTML 5 Charts

All charts of Scriptcase applications are generated using HTML 5. Compatible with mobiles.

New PDF Generator

The new PDF Generator is being used without the Java requirement.

PDF and Printing options on Forms

Form applications are now able to export PDF and HTML print. The buttons will be available on the option 'Toolbar' at the application settings.

Percent fields

Grid applications have a new field to calculate the percent value of a related field.

Forms with labels below the fields

There is a new option on Forms to create blocks with the labels below the fields.

Master Detail using 2 Single Forms

There is a new option on Forms to create a Master Detail Form using a Single Form as the Detail.

SQL PDO Drivers

New drivers addeded to the MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL connection possibilities.

New Macros

In order to work with the new features, ScriptCase have now new macros available on the events: sc_time_diff, sc_ajax_refresh, sc_ldap_login, sc_ldap_logout, sc_ldap_search, sc_btn_disabled, sc_set_groupby_rule, sc_menu_force_mobile

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