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Scriptcase Features

Create simple and advanced forms using the various options available in Scriptcase: automatic validation of data, layout of blocks and tabs, editing and inclusion of multiple records, editable grid among other features, all in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks.

Create detailed reports for viewing and decision-making. Group records dynamically, use the various options for automatic calculations of fields, view the report in summary or detailed graphics, create filters automatically, select fields and sorting in real time and more.

Automatically create real-time customizable charts in your reports using HTML5. There are several types of charts available: Bar, Line, Pie, Funnel, Area, Gauge, Pyramid and others.

Editable Grid
The Editable Grid component enables multiple record editing simultaneously. It allows developers to create rich Master-Detail applications easily.

Provide search forms for the end user to perform various types of searches in reports or forms.

Create calendars to manage events using the drag and drop feature to move the events from a date to another one.

Master Detail
Create Forms or Reports in Master / Detail. This option allows you to create relationship 1: n using Ajax and transaction control and integrity. It's possible to analyze the details of a particular record in a simple, fast and with ease that only the Scriptcase features offer.

Create your own dashboard where various applications can be attached, such as charts, grids, forms and other.

With Scriptcase you can create and edit messages in your system for several languages in addition to using the formatting of date, time, currency, and other formattings from a specific region.

Interface in 10 languages
Develop systems through an interface translated into 10 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Support RTL writing (Right to Left)
Create applications and systems with support to languages using RTL writing, such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Extensive Database Support
Scriptcase supports the most used databases in the market through direct drives as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLite, Sybase, and other databases.

Multiple Database Connections
Scriptcase supports multiple connections on a single system or application. You can validate an user in a database and show a report with information from another base.

Youtube Support
The forms and grids allow full integration with YouTube, allowing users to add, edit or watch Youtube videos on the form or grid itself.

Google Maps Support
Display Google maps into forms and grids applications. Associate the URL address or geographic coordinates for the map display.

Automatic generation of various kinds of barcodes in grid and form applications . EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, Codabar, Interleaved 2of5, Postnet and more.

Quick Search
With 'Quick Search' enabled on the toolbar of the application, you can filter the records with the desired data directly from your grid or form without navigation between screens.

Ajax components
Develop applications using Ajax components already integrated in the tool.

JQUERY components
Use the various Jquery components that Scriptcase offers. View images and screens in a modal window with Thickbox. JQuery - IntelliSense, optimizing the auto-complete resource. Components of Calendar, calculator and more.

Create CAPTCHA objects into your applications and increase the security of your forms.

QR Code
Include QR codes into your Grid Applications.

Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)
Provide a powerful text editor with HTML formatting in your developed applications.

File Upload Controls
Excellent files manager with options for multiple uploads, progress bar, drag and drop area with instant upload and much more.

Dynamic Group By
Create reports with different grouping options and allow the end user to choose, in real time, the group he wishes to view.

Social Media Integration
Create systems integrated with social networks to get control of user authentication.

Create different types of menus: Horizontal, Vertical and Tree. They all built using CSS3 and suitable for viewing on mobile devices.

Toolbar option on horizontal menus
Create a shortcut bar with the most accessed items of your menu application.

ListView Menus with mobile support
The menu application recognize when a mobile device is requiring access. It will change to a mobile-friendly style sheet automatically.

Custom code, macros and libraries
Customize codes based on your own business rules. Through the events and methods the user can define the actions taken, using programming in HTML, PHP, Javascript and Macros provided by Scriptcase.

JavaScript methods
Create your own methods Javascript for a better control of your form, performing actions on the loading of form or fields from that form.

BLANK Application
Create PHP programs with complete freedom and ease afforded by the use of predefined functions in Scriptcase and all connection interface to the database.

Creating and generating multiple applications
Create multiple applications simultaneously with just one click and make its development even faster. Using threads, Scriptcase can also generate source code from multiple applications.

Project diagram
View all applications of your project through a chart, and the relationship between the objects.

Themes selection at runtime
Allow the end user to change the look of applications at runtime. The developer can set the themes available for users to choose how he wants to view applications.

Visual Styles
Scriptcase allows you to edit all objects and styles of HTML modifying the look of the whole system in seconds.

Query Builder
Scriptcase has a Wizard that allows you to create SQL statements visually. Developers can easily select tables, fields, joins and test their results.

Database Builder
Build and manage your database using a database manager integrated into Scriptcase.

Data dictionary
The Data Dictionary allows you to record all the information of the database tables structure and standardize the fields information for any application created. Field size, data type, decimals, etc..

Webhelp generator
Use this integrated tool to generate all the documentation of your systems.

Format as you type
Fields of applications generated have formatting in real time. As the end user types in the field, the entered data is formatted. Dates, numbers, times, etc..

Exporting data
With just one click reports can be exported to XLS, XML, DOC, PDF and other formats.

PayPal Integration
Integrate your applications or systems with Paypal. Allowing the end-user to make online payments using Paypal.

Create safe systems preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to certain applications. Scriptcase generates all applications management, users and groups automatically.

LDAP Integration
Security module using LDAP. Your developed applications integrated with your LAN administration.

Samples Database
Scriptcase is distributed with several examples of systems that can be downloaded directly from the tool and used as a template for your systems. Helpdesk, News and Album are some of the systems available.

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